Tyre Changers

Swing Arm Tyre Changer with IP


$ 3,090
inc. GST


  • Tool and gauge mounted on right side of tyre changer, hose with heavy duty flow through chuck, air tank, table top inflation system plus internal air connections including bead blaster air inflation control pedal system.
  • Double-structure cabinet.
  • 2500 kgf bead breaker cylinder.
  • Swing arm design.
  • Adjustable bead breaker shovel.
  • Table top blasts system with post inflator IP


  1. Outside Clamping 10″-24″
  2. Inside Clamping 12″-26″
  3. Max. Wheel Width 14″
  4. Max. Wheel Diameter 42″
  5. Working air pressure 8 -10 bar
  6. Bead Breaker Force (at 8 bar) 2500 kgf
  7. Additional Features Bead blast IP

Measurements are subject to change & photos are representative only.