Tyre Changers

Tyre Changer with Inflation System


$ 3,590
inc. GST


  • Air Gauge included, hose with heavy duty flow through chuck, air tank, table top inflation system plus internal air connections including bead blaster air inflation control pedal system
  • Double-structure cabinets
  • 2500 Kgf bead breaker cylinder
  • Tilt Back column design
  • Pneumatic horizontal and vertical arm locking system
  • Adjustable bead breaker shovel


  1. Outside Clamping 10″-24″
  2. Inside Clamping 12″-26″
  3. Max. Wheel Width 350 mm
  4. Max. Wheel Diameter 1080 mm
  5. Working Air Pressure 8-10 bar
  6. Bead Breaker Force (at 8 bar) 2500 Kgf

Measurements are subject to change & photos are representative only.