Garage or Man Cave? Why Not Both?

Garage or Man Cave? Why Not Both?

Whether setting off on a new build, or tackling a home reno, you’ll know it’s not just the living spaces and outside entertaining areas that require your attention. In fact, the deciding what to do with your garage can be one of the most exciting (or painful) parts of the planning process.

What exactly to do with the space can be one of the greatest head scratchers. The temptation to turn the space into the ultimate ‘man-cave’ is huge, as visions of pool tables, darts boards and beer fridges fill the mind.

Then there’s the DIYer’s angle – does the space become a tool shed or workspace any reno lover would be proud of?

And of course, if you love your cars, a place to store and work on them will be top of the priority list. Without even considering the alternative uses for the garage space, sufficient car storage alone can be difficult to achieve with the size and layout of many garages – with an ever-growing trend towards collecting and restoring classic and sports cars or the need for storing a third car, the average two car garage can restrict the opportunity to add to the family fleet.

Daily drivers are usually left in the street or parked in the driveway to battle the elements of the harsh Australian climate or become another statistic from break-ins or theft. Weekend cars are usually stored in locked up off-site facilities which can be both a financial burden and also an inconvenience when you get the urge to take it for a spin or to tinker with it.

But there is hope!
As the options stack up and deciding how to best use the space becomes a struggle, it’s time to think outside the box for a way to get the best of both worlds. Thankfully, today there are many solutions available for those with limited space or if you want to turn your garage into a functional workshop or ‘man cave’. How? Through the inclusion of a car hoist as part of the design.

If you’ve got adequate ceiling height in your garage, the addition of a four-post hoist turns one parking space into two with a second car elevated off the ground and stored away, off street and secure, while the daily driver can be parked beneath.

If you’re a home mechanic or restorer, a two-post hoist may be your answer – as they’ll give you the ability to lift your car safely off the ground, allowing access to all aspects of the body, engine and chassis for servicing or repairs.

It is not always an easy decision to make when choosing the most suitable hoist – so that’s where Tufflift come in! There are many options to consider – from the size of the car, the height and width of the garage, and the main purpose it will be used for. Do you choose an overhead or base plate design, symmetrical or asymmetric arms? – the list goes on. We’ve got a top quality and wide product range to choose from, and experts on hand to help you out – so we can see that you get the right hoist for your space.

The range that Tufflift carries isn’t just restricted to two and four post car hoists either. We supply truck and custom-built hoists plus motorcycle and scissor hoists which can be installed discretely into the concrete slab of a garage floor without taking up any space for convenient and immediate use. Other products like rotisseries, tyre changers and wheel balancers for the serious mechanic are also available.

Here at Tufflift we’re always keen to hear about your project and how we can help create a design that’ll give you the best of everything! We can even design customised hoists to be manufactured to your specifications to help make your ultimate man cave dreams a reality.

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