How to Create Some Space: A New Place to Park your Car at Home

white car descending on a tufflift car parking lift

Let’s explore space.

No, we’re not talking the final frontier, but it is a concept that in 2018 may feel just as difficult to conquer. As urban sprawl continues to grow and the number of inner-city dwellers is forever on the rise, the convenience of a personal residential parking space is starting to feel more and more like a distant luxury of days gone by.

Of course, there are many solutions to the parking space dilemma available, but unless you’ve secured a spot in an apartment building with a purpose-built parking floor, or have the coveted ‘off-street’ dream, for inner city or suburban dwellers there doesn’t seem to be one easy fix. And for those of us that have multiple vehicles, sufficient space to store them securely is a must-find!

That’s where Tufflift come in.

We’re all about taking the tools of our trade and using them to make lives easier for Aussies around the country. We look at problems, take our product and get stuck into solving them. Right now, we’re helping create space saving solutions to residential car parking that go above, beyond, and, actually – below your traditional options. While traditional car hoists give the option to park an additional car on top of another, that requires space and structural features many buildings simply don’t allow for. So we’re flipping things, and working at new and easier ways to make underground basement parking an effective option for our customers.

In a perfect world, a new build or significant renovation would offer ample chance to easily integrate a parking solution into your property. However, anyone who’s embarked on such a project would know the process can be far from perfect, and the matter of where to work in parking space presents a swathe of logistical challenges for architects and builders. Whether you need space for one car or six, the planning to incorporate the access to a basement car park has previously been restricted to a large inclined ramp being constructed from the street to the underground car park – although functional, it does create a number of issues.

First there’s the obvious – the toll it takes on your bottom line. Constructing a ramp to the side of your property will present the large and unavoidable expenses of excavation, foundations, retaining walls and drainage, seeing your reno budget soar, all the while using up valuable land space in the process. Add to that the challenge that many existing properties are built too close to the fenceline to offer access to any kind of basement car park, and while the option to plan a new build far back from the street would allow such access, you’d be sacrificing a landscaped front garden – not to mention the freedom of designing the most aesthetically pleasing home exterior.

So how to solve all this?

Tufflift have a new solution with our car parking lifts. Our large drive-on scissor lifts for cars, built into the floor of a traditional car garage, allow for basement car parking under the garage or house, so you can keep every patch of your valuable land free for other plans! How? The S-VRC elevates cars to and from the basement with ease, with the added benefit of retaining car parking at street level from within the garage.

With you every step of the way, we’ll work closely with your architect to custom-design the S-VRC to your build, and manage the individual project with the builder from design to installation. Flexible, and customisable, these lifts are also ideal for sloping on uneven blocks. The search for space may well be over… Now you can have secure, discreet basement parking with access through your garage to store a classic, collectible or any other car along with motorcycles or water craft.

If you’re on the space saving mission now, and are keen to know more about how Tufflift can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. With over 60 years’ experience in the market, we know our stuff!

Contact Tufflift’s customer support team on free call 1800 88 33 50 or visit our Website to organise a free quote or advice.