4 Post Hoists

10 Ton Mobile Column Vehicle Lift


$ 41,790.00 (set of 4)
inc. GST


  • 10T Safe Working Limit (per column)
  • Can set up in multiple combinations (2,4,6 or 8 columns)
  • Mobile columns allow for efficiency and flexibility
  • Adjustable wheel pick up for accommodates most wheel sizes
  • Communicate wirelessly
  • Double safety lock, both mechanical and hydraulic
  • Automatic synchronisation using STM32 microchip technology built into the control system
  • Synchronisation constantly monitored both visually and by man-machine interface technology
  • Precise sensor accurately detect the lift height of each column
  • Warranty: 5 year on structure and 2 years on electrical and hydraulics
  • Pick up, delivery or installation available


  1. Capacity 10T (per column)
  2. Locking Release Electric
  3. Max Lifting Height          1800 mm
  4. Min. Height           159 mm
  5. Full-Rise Time Under Rated Load 100s
  6. Rated Oil Pressure                          15MPa
  7. Oil Reservoir                                    18Lx4
  8. Voltage Control                                DC24V
  9. Motor Running Voltage                   DC12Vx4
  10. Motor Power                                     2.2kWx4
  11. Approx. Tyre Size 500-1200 mm

Measurements and colour are correct at the time of publishing, however are subject to change. If these are crucial to your facility or vehicle requirements it is essential for you to discuss your particular requirements with your Tufflift advisor prior to purchasing your new hoist.