Spare Parts and Accessories

Drip Tray - TL3.6PH S/H

Drip Tray – DP7PNBKD-DT

$ 24.95
inc. GST


  • Ideal for catching oil leaks* and keeping the garage floor clean
  • Suitable for our 3.6 Ton 4 Post Hoists – TLV3.6PH-S & TL3.6PH-H
  • Please note that trays are not suitable for petrol leaks


Freight dimensions

L 940mm W 610mm H 60mm W 1KG

Measurements and colour are correct at the time of publishing, however are subject to change. If these are crucial to your facility or vehicle requirements it is essential for you to discuss your particular requirements with your Tufflift advisor prior to purchasing your new hoist.