Ross – 21 September 2023

I just want to say the biggest thanks to the professional service Ben and Harrison did installing the hoists this week.

Aside from me being a super happy camper, your team are second to none! I found them both to be extremely knowledgeable, with excellent product knowledge but what stood out most was their “can-do” outlook on every challenge.

I commend you for having such good people on your team.

I’ve always highly recommended your product to everyone but from here on I’ll be insisting they only use Tufflift.

Thanks again for going the extra mile on this job.

Mick, VIC – 10 November 2022

Gday Tufflift Team,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great service on my recent purchase of a two post hoist.
The installation was quick and easy and the lift is well balanced and promotes a feeling of safety.
Also thanks to the sales team who also sorted transport to a rural location.


Pete, NSW – 11 July 2022

Thanks for all your assistance with this new tufflift hoist  it is an absolute ripper and and we had it installed in 5 hours too

David, SA – 3 May 2022

Extra height is fantastic to store my higher cars under and the father and daughter combo that installed did a terrific job.

Denis, NSW – 12 Aug 2020

Highly recommend the Tufflift product and fantastic service, picked the hoist up from the depot and installed in 1 day using engine lifter to unload from trailer and the overhead gantry to move the ramps into place.
Found the instructions very easy to follow and was impressed everything supplied in the package including the hydraulic oil, didn’t have to buy anything and just used hand tools from my shed. Electrician just added plug and wired back to fuse box, all done.
Happy to recommend Tufflift products.

Ron, SA – 4 Dec 2018

My wife and I were looking to buy a new house but I had a terrible time letting go of my old faithful pit in the driveway. The solution to our dilemma and the saviour of our marriage was to let it go and opt for a new hoist.

So we bought the house of our dreams and I made a couple of phone calls to the great sales team at Tufflift and we transported a kit into South Australia.

The assembly and set up was relatively easy and in no time I was back turning spanners again. If I had only known how good a hoist was I would have saved my back dragging myself in and out of a pit all night for all those years!

I am very impressed with the quality of the product and the way the staff went out of their way to help every step of the way. Their after sales service is excellent too. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a quality hoist.
p.s. pay the extra dollars and get the jacking beam!

Anthony, VIC – 24 April 2018

Hi and thanks to Tufflift Hoists.

From the initial phonecall , questions, order
and then follow up phone call this company
have been totally professional and a pleasure
to deal with.
The installer arrived on time and got about his job
with precision and expert ease. Very Impressed with the job
and the cleanup. A nice young bloke, and a credit to Tufflift.
I chose a 4 poster tall 3.6 t model, with the scissor jack and
an oil recovery unit.
I have no hesitation in recommending Tufflift hoists for your
ManCave or home workshop or whatever application.
Thanks again Tufflift.

John, VIC – 20 April 2018

I had my hoist installed today by Tufflift in watsonia. Terrific product , thanks again. – John

Geoff, VIC – 4 April 2018

Hello Folks,

Here’s a copy of the small article I submitted to the Triumph Sports Owners Association (Vic) Inc magazine Traction.

Best garage equipment I’ve purchased in a long time. Regards, Geoff


No not the outer limits. In the garage. There is never enough to accommodate our acquisitions. I was going to say” Toys” but that might give the wrong idea!

There is a solution, readily at hand. An easy way to utilize otherwise

“wasted” air space, and provide a “footprint” to store a vehicle. It suits Triumphs very well.

A Melbourne based Company, Tufflift have a range of 2 and 4 post hoist units, that easily fit into existing garage spaces.

In my case a TL3.6PH-S standard height unit, provided the answer. It is a 4 post, 3.6 Tonne capacity hoist, free standing but must have 100 mm (4in) concrete floor. Post height is just under 2100 mm, footprint 2617 wide and 4445mm long. Removable ramps, adjustable jack tray, drip trays, block plates, and chocks are part of the package. A hydraulic pump and oil tank are mounted on one post and connected to a 15 Amp power point.

The lift height is 1845mm or less. Mechanical locking occurs as the lift raises and provides rest/safety stops once in position.

For an extra fee, Tufflift delivered the 600+ kg load and a technician to assemble and install. 4 hours and the job was done. The single most heavy piece is approximately 300 kgs.

An added advantage is a wheel kit, that can be added to each post, to allow the whole lift to be relocated to an alternate position in the garage or on the forecourt. Clever engineering.

The unit is fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Justin, VIC – 2 April 2018

Thanks guys !!! Loving my new 4 post delivered on Friday.

Luke, VIC – 14 March 2018

Great product and awesome service. Turned a double garage into a 3 car garage and so easy to work on the cars now and cash saved on servicing . Winning

Chris, VIC – 13 March 2018

Very happy with my Tufflift hoist. Would recommend Tufflift for a hoist.


Des, QLD – 14 February 2018

Would like to compliment Tufflift crew on your outstanding service. Pass on best wishes to Mark and his daughter for fuss free commissioning of hoists.

  Andrew, NSW – 18 October 2017

Hello Tufflift,

Further to our conversation this morning, I have included some photos of our custom sized Tufflift hoist in action.

As you can see it is the perfect size for our use as requested by us. We have made some other height adjustable post to use on the scissor lifts as some caravans are 500 mm off the ground and we need to lift the caravans off their wheels for wheel servicing purposes.

It has proven to be a great asset to our company giving us a safe and comfortable working height. Dealing with your company was as professional as one would expect, as was the installation process with the local contractor. We show off our hoist with pride and recommend that you add this size hoist to your product list.

Regards, Andrew

Jane, VIC – 5 October 2017

Hi Team,

Jane here from Ridgeback Service Bodies. We recently had our brand new 2-post hoist installed into our production area and we love it!

Given your invitation to share our hoist feedback and photos, here it is!

“Seen pictured is Ridgeback Service Bodies Team Leader, Murray Suisted carefully inspecting a new service body on our fabulous new hoist.  The Ridgeback team are thrilled with their new innovative 2-post hoist, as it will present a more professional image to our customers while enabling faster vehicle inspection and turn-around. Thanks Tufflift!”

Vini & Anna, SA – 20 September 2017

Hello Tufflift,

Our business is involved in Paint Protection of cars & as such we require our hoist to be utilised all day every day! Our Tufflift hoist was installed nearly 12 months ago & has not missed a beat. We are very happy that we can use our hoist to work on our cars at what ever level is required, as opposed to rolling around on the ground trying to polish.

Regards, Vini & Anna Ferrari


 Paul, VIC – 16 August 2017

I have a two post hoist great for maintenance but very cumbersome for storage to improve floor space in the shed. The opportunity to create a mezzanine with a (TL3.6PH-H) four post hoist has increased my parking undercover so now I can go shopping to fill the space. My wife seems to be the only one who does not support the idea!! Good value/great hoist.

Steve, VIC – 11 August 2017

Just wanted to say Thank you to the team at Tufflift. I’m very happy with my TL4.0OH sitting in my shed (photo attached). Also the installer who installed my lift is very professional and a clean job done well. Great Guy.

Can’t wait to get under my HQ this weekend and tinker around. My boys can’t wait to work on their cars also.

Bob, SA – 1 August 2017

Well we have finally assembled the hoist.Please find attached a few pics of it in my shed .Thanks again for supplying such a well-built product

Garry, VIC – 3 July 2017

Just like to say that the 3.6 ton 4 post hoist I received last week is sensational.Took the lift home after work Tuesday and unpacked it that night, just like Christmas!

I am certainly happy I didn’t go down the second-hand route, buying one of these new is the way to go.Two thumbs up!

Mario, VIC – 19 Jun 2017

Got my custom fit Clear floor hoist in today . Fits in perfect. Good work by Ian and Ben on the install . To good !!!

Gary, VIC – 21 May 2017

Love my Tufflift hoist was straight forward to put up,great people to deal with thanks heaps.

Wayne, VIC – 11 April, 2017

The toys fit perfect, the four poster was a great investment for both storage and doing my own maintenance.

Gary, VIC – 20 Jan 2017

Please pass on my thanks to David for his assistance in purchasing the hoist, and the installer for a great job installing it.The process of purchasing the hoist was seamless, and I would recommend others to purchase from Tufflift in the future.

Paul, TAS – 14 Nov, 2016

Prompt delivery, easy to unpack and it was all there. I read the instructions twice, just to make sure and then put it together in a day by myself, just using basic tools and an engine lifter. Nice relaxed day. All I have to do is fit the motor and hook up the hydraulics, could not be happier.

Louie, VIC – 14 Oct, 2016

Hi Team, Thanks for the above. Just let me know how you go.Here’s the photo of the car I was referring to earlier too as well. 

Louie, VIC – 14 Oct, 2016

Love my new hoist

Brian, VIC – 9 February, 2016

Just thought I would email you a photo of the hoist.
At this stage I’m very happy with the product, it’s exactly as described and depicted.

I’m also pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lift I.e paint, hole alignment, welding etc.

Anyway thanks for working with me to get the product delivered when a date suited myself. Best Regards Brain
Brian, VIC - 9 February 2016

Tony, VIC – 17 January, 2014

Dear Sir / Madam:
Sincere thanks to all staff at Tufflift Hoists. You’re expertise, perfection to detail, professional, courteous manners and absolutely outstanding service made our purchase of four post hoist perfect in every way. Advice, tips and handover was also outstanding with detail.
Matt is damn great bloke who embraced the challenge of limited roof height, in my opinion with heart and soul, suffices to say succeeded with perfection and added a solenoid as extra failsafe protection due to only few millimetres clearance.
I will recommend any car enthusiast to your brilliant staff and company.

Luke, QLD – 30 October, 2013

Just writing a quick email for some feedback on the 4.0BPDI hoist I purchased from your company a while ago. The only issue I had with it was the reservoir for the hydraulic oil had a broken corner where it bolts to the pump but with the hose clamp and the other three bolts holding it on it seems ok. Other than that everything else was great. The main reason I’m emailing you is I’m extremely happy with the service and assistance over the phone I had whilst errecting the hoist. I’m a bit of a fusspot and like to have everything just perfect and I believe it was Matt I spoke to a couple of times. He went above and beyond with the assistance he provided and explained things in a very clear manner which is not always easy over the phone with an inexperienced installer. It’s exactly this kind of service that will ensure I recommend Tufflift to my friends and anyone else who asks about my hoist. If you could forward this email on to Matts supervisor (I hope I remembered his name correctly) that would be appreciated.
Kind regards,

Craig, VIC – 29 October, 2013

Hi Louise,
Matt has just completed the installation of my hoist and did a great job as well as running me through the operation of it. I would like to thank you and all in your office for great service and will highly recommend your company to any of my friends looking to install a car hoist.
Kind Regards

Matt, VIC – 12 September, 2013

Hi Louise,
Just a quick note to say that Matt (the guy that installed the hoist on Wednesday 4th September) conducted himself in a very professional manner and was only too happy to help with everything required. He was prompt and polite and appeared to be very competent. Sometimes it’s the frontline people that can make all the difference and I can assure you, that he didn’t do your business any harm at all.
Many Thanks

David, VIC – 9 July, 2013

Just a quick letter of appreciation for the fitting of my 4 post hoist today.
Matt did fantastic work today, and was extremely professional in all aspects of the job.
He kept me informed by phone about his appointment time and was on time for fitting.
Thanks to all at Tufflift.

Steve, VIC – 27 June, 2013

Hi Team,
Dave arrived as promised yesterday and did a fantastic job installing my hoist, very pedantic about having the hoist in exactly the right spot and double checking everything.
I’ve gotta say I am very impressed, communication has been great given a couple of glitches with his truck and my availability here.


John, QLD – 23 May, 2013

Hoist has been picked up and all ok, would like to thank you and the team at tufflift for all your help hope to do business with you again.

Ross, VIC – 30 April 2013

Hi guys,
I would like to drop you a quick note to thank you all for a most professionally run company with no hassles.
Your installer Matt was awesome to say the least setting it up in the best spot for me and very polite and professional with his advice.
Also your sales staff were great with their advice over the phone and very polite.
The hoist looks great and looks good in my shed.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your hoists to my friends and getting it installed professionally by your company.

Andrew, VIC – 22 April, 2013

Just dropping you a note to say how very happy I am with the hoist and the whole experience in getting the unit delivered, purchased and just the overall process. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.
Keep up the great work