Lease to own Tufflift Equipment

Tufflift can offer a tailored, flexible and fast leasing solution to enable you to acquire the equipment you need for your business, when you need it.

Benefits of commercial leasing:

  • You own the equipment at the end of the lease.
  • No deposit required – other than the first month’s lease payment.
  • Cash flow friendly monthly payments.
  • 100% tax deductible – as the leased equipment is to be used for business or income production, the lease payments are typically fully tax deductible.
  • Match your budget – you can match your monthly budget by selecting from 3, 4 or 5 year terms. The longer the term, the lower the monthly payments.

Contact Tufflift customer support team on 1800 88 33 50 and they can assist in helping you arrange finance.