4 Post Hoists

EAE - 4-Post Wheel Alignment Hoist - 5T


$ 9,990
inc. GST


  • 5000 kg lifting capacity
  • Long slip plates and adjustable turntable positions to suit a variety of wheelbases
  • Electrical release, UP and DOWN button to control the lift
  • The 630 mm wide platforms and low profile runways 
  • 3000 mm distance between columns, compatible to 3D wheel aligner
  • Driving-on ramps with polymer rollers
  • Optional rolling jacks available
  • 24V control system
  • Commercial grade cables and pulleys
  • Self-lubricated bushing and bearings
  • Platforms non-synchronization alarming system
  • Safety device works immediately in case a cable slacks or fails
  • The buzzer sounds when platforms lowered to 300 mm above ground
  • Aluminum motor with fan to avoid overheating 
  • Pick up, delivery or installation available
  • Includes hydraulic oil
  • Warranty: 5 years on structure and 2 years on electrical and hydraulics
  • Engineer Certified
  • Design Registered with Worksafe


  1. Capacity 5 ton
  2. Lifting Height 1830 mm
  3. Overall Width 3310 mm
  4. Overall Length (without Approach Ramps) 4888 mm
  5. Overall Length (with Approach Ramps) 5948 mm
  6. Runway Length 4880 mm
  7. Clearance Between Columns 2850 mm

Measurements and colour are correct at the time of publishing, however are subject to change. If these are crucial to your facility or vehicle requirements it is essential for you to discuss your particular requirements with your Tufflift advisor prior to purchasing your new hoist.